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Paper flowers: the latest trend in Wedding decoration.

04.10.2017 Paper flowers: the latest trend in Wedding decoration.

The idea of decorating events such as weddings and anniversaries with paper flowers may seem quite simple and even primitive yet proper use of the material may turn your wedding into a fairytale.


Wedding in eco-style in Belarus

16.09.2017 Wedding in eco-style in Belarus

So the wedding of our sweet couple Vlad and Andrew took place! The concept of the wedding was in eco-style, which allowed us to use a huge variety of natural materials: twigs, cones, ferns, viburnum, forest berries, etc.

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Let's get acquainted! I'm Katya Evich - a wedding designer and just a happy person, because I do my favorite job, which brings income and makes people happy.

For more than fifteen years I have been engaged in the design of weddings and the manufacture of wedding accessories. I have a wide experience in designing weddings in European countries and I have been organizing ‘’boutique weddings’’ in Turkey. I create photo zones for photographers and make wedding accessories for photo sessions.

I love to create small weddings with a lot of details. As it’s known, at a wedding of 500 people first of all we have to think not about the concept, but about the budget. And at a small event you can afford almost everything!

Boutique –wedding always becomes more memorable for the young people, because in small companies  there is a opportunity to communicate with each invited guest. And for a small number of people you do not have to choose a cake with a simpler filling and bonbonniere that are less expensive.

The most pleasant and exciting moment in the work is the development of the design and the birth of the concept of the wedding. The first acquaintance with the bride is always exciting, because it is very important to understand how she imagines her wedding, and to try to transfer her dream into reality.

 Each model presented on the site, I have develop by myself and I always supervise the manufacturing process. The minimum term for making an accessory is 5 days. The term of making a complete set of accessories (bonbonniere, wedding glasses, bridal bouquet, boutonniere for the groom, bracelets for bridesmaids, wish book, pads for rings and other trifles) is for up to 1 month.