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Paper flowers: the latest trend in Wedding decoration.

04.10.2017 Paper flowers: the latest trend in Wedding decoration.

The idea of decorating events such as weddings and anniversaries with paper flowers may seem quite simple and even primitive yet proper use of the material may turn your wedding into a fairytale.


Wedding in eco-style in Belarus

16.09.2017 Wedding in eco-style in Belarus

So the wedding of our sweet couple Vlad and Andrew took place! The concept of the wedding was in eco-style, which allowed us to use a huge variety of natural materials: twigs, cones, ferns, viburnum, forest berries, etc.

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 A wedding is one of the brightest events in the life of every girl. Every bride wants her wedding to be special, not like the others. All the accessories should perfectly match each other, so that there was a special highlight - a certain concept and theme.

To achieve the ideality in everything, you need to follow strictly  the concept of the event. Everything should complete each other: the design of the hall, photo zone, wedding dress, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, invitations, accessories for bridesmaids, wedding glasses, bonbonniere, etc.

Small and seemingly insignificant details, sometimes play a huge role in the overall concept, especially in photographs. It seems, what a difference, what a knife to cut a wedding cake. But a tiny detail, such as a ribbon on a knife or a small flower in one color and style with a cake, completes the overall picture and thus creates the perfect concept.


Brides often do not pay attention to whether the bridegroom’s boutonniere or the bracelets for bridesmaids suit to the bride’s bouquet. But then in the photos they notice that the chosen accessories are beautiful, but absolutely not combined with each other. In the general picture it looks as if people came from different weddings.

Recently, photo essay has become one of the most important parts of any event. And every couple dreams of an unusual photo zone at their wedding. It can be a small corner decorated with flowers and themed accessories of your wedding, an arch decorated with flowers, or very fashionable huge flowers made of paper.

All these will make your wedding photosession special, bright and memorable.

On our site you will find a lot of wedding accessories, as well as accessories for a photo shoot.

All our products are handmade, produced from high quality materials.

You can purchase both - ready-made wedding handmade accessories and order the products you like in a different color and size. Also we can develop a personalized concept of your wedding for you and perform any accessories order individually.